LOAD 512 Day 1

And we're off for another round of LOAD!
This LOAD's theme is "Scrapbooking outside the box" - who knows what Lain will cook up for us this month...

The first challenge for this month was to scrapbook a self-portrait. I recently had some inspiration and drew a couple of sketches for page ideas as to not forget them (in fact, my PLOAW-15-page was thought up during the same inspiration-boost).
One of them happened to be about me being a avid photographer - whenever I take a walk or go for a bike ride and I bring my camera, it takes me 2-3 times longer to get to my destination than "normal" people: I take pictures of every leaf, flower, critter, statue, sign, window display [etc etc] that draws my attention (it drives my mom nuts when she's with me - LOL!)
So on this page are some photos that other people took of me while getting my photography-groove on (4 of them were taken by my aunt, who shares my interest in photography).

I tried to go for a bit of a visual triangle with the green accents - don't know if I quite succeeded ;-)
All in all I'm quite pleased with this page!

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