LOAD 512 Day 20

The 3rd Sketchy Sunday of this month. I did my usual "flipping around" to kick-off the brainstorming:

Not too many options this time since the sketch is fairly symmetrical to begin with.

Since I've been doing mostly single pages lately, I decided to turn this into a double-page spread. I rummaged through my old travel photos and found these 5  that I'd kept together for a work-themed page.

I store most of my papers by colour, but have a few theme-trays on certain topics such as 'travel'. This paper conveniently was in my 'Asia'-pile, and I teamed it up with a neutral kraft cardstock that matches the browns in the photos.
I wanted to print the journaling on a sticker instead of writing it by hand, but despite several test runs, it came out skewed anyway. Since I only had one of these stickers I decided to use it anyway - it's hard for a self-confessed OCD-er, but I'm trying to embrace imperfection! {thank you Ali Edwards}

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