LOAD 512 Day 5 | PLOAW Week 19

Today's LOAD-challenge was a fun one: enter your name in the search box at eBay, and use an item from the 1st page of results as your inspiration.

I was a bit astonished that my name yielded nearly 11000 (!) results... What struck me was that a lot of the items were handbags - which prompted me to make a page about my most frequently used handbags and the stuff I haul around in them (an idea that has been on my mind from time to time).

Here's my page:

I kept it extremely basic: 2 photos (with the journaling added in Photoshop), a sheet of practically ancient patterned paper (from one of the first Basic Grey lines - Aged and Confused), 2 paper lace strips and some letter stickers. Easy peasy!

I thought this prompt was so original that I posted it on the PLOAW-board as challenge for week 19 as well ;-)

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