LOAD 512 Day 21 | PLOAW Week 21

Wow - 3 weeks in already! I must admit that scrapbook fatigue is lurking, but I'm taking it one day at a time...

For this Manic Monday {whoa oooh whoa*}, our challenge was 5-5-5: spend 5 minutes on picking photos, 5 minutes on chosing papers and 5 minutes on journaling your story. You could spend more time on completing the page, but the idea was to 'grab 'n' go'.

I don't know if I quite managed that (I had to reprint the photo 'cause it got damaged and then had to recut the mat as well...), but all in all it's a pretty quick page for me.

This week's PLOAW-challenge was to use contrast. I used big & small in the title and dark & light in the background paper and photomat. I guess you could also consider the photo itself to show dark/light contrast.

* Manic Monday - the Bangles

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