Spool-knitted scarf

And... we're off! My first project is finished and it took me 2 nights to complete.

Everybody remembers those mushroom-shaped knitting spools from when they were in school, right?
Well, apparently there are also hand-cranked spool-knitting implements (a.k.a. 'knitting nancys') that make spool knitting a breeze!
I had never seen one before, but last weekend I visited a craft fair and at one of the booths they were demonstrating a 4-needle knitting nancy. One of the projects that were shown was a scarf made of knitted strings. I thought it was very original and bought the knitting nancy and 2 balls of yarn on the spot!

So here's what I've been up to these past 2 nights:

The materials: a knitting nancy and yarn. Also used: scissors and a needle.

Progress after 1 night.

Finished scarf after 2 nights.

And this is what it looks like when worn!

You can find brief general instructions here. It appears a pattern of a spool-knitted scarf was featured in a Phildar knitting magazine sometime last year. You basically spool-knit 27 2-meter strings (as I only had limited yarn, I made fewer strings) of which you attach the ends together to make a circle. With a 28th piece of knitted string, you attach the other strings together, covering the sewn-together ends. Et voila!

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