crocheted hat

After I finished my bedroom slippers, I had some yarn left over and I decided to use it to make a scarf. Then I ran short and had to buy some more yarn. When I finished the scarf I had leftover yarn again, so I thought I'd crochet a hat. You guessed it, somewhere halfway through I ran out and had to buy some more yarn...
Of course Murphy's Law was in full effect and my local store had sold out. So I went to another branch today and finally managed to get some more yarn and finish the hat...

I planned ahead this time and bought some additional yarn to make mittens - they will be posted once I've finished them ;-)

Anyways, I did not use a pattern for this hat. I crocheted a circle and when I thought it was wide enough to fit my head, I just crocheted until I could pull the sides over my ears - LOL.

{photo to follow}

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