Project Life 2011 - October update

Project Life is a scrapbooking method that was developed a few years ago by well-known scrapbooker Becky Higgins. The initial idea was to take at least one photo each day and create a weekly overview in an album using divided pageprotectors.
Since its launch afew years ago, Project Life has changed into a versatile scrapbooking method that is not only used for creating weekly spreads anymore. Some people use it to document their children's school careers. Some use it to document the stages of pregnancy, or their baby's first year. Some people, like myself, use it to make monthly overviews instead of weekly overviews (my life is too uneventful to fill a 2-page spread each week - LOL)

I did not start my own Project Life (PL) until halfway into the year - which meant a lot of back log. I'm pretty much caught up with photos and memorabelia, but journaling is always a big obstacle for me.

Today I focussed on updating my PL for October.

What happened in October:
- trip to China
- visiting a Crafts Fair
- autumn walk with my mom
- dentist visit
- back to working regular hours

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