LOAD 512 Day 16

We're passed the halfway point - woohoo!

For today's Wicked Wednesday challenge we were asked to use someone else's journaling.
A tough one for me - I don't have a husband or kids whose stories I could tell, and I don't get much more than a "Wheeeek" out of my guinea pigs ;-)

Flipping through the photo pile on my desk, I came across this photo from my recent trip to Israel.

The photo is blurry since I took it through the window of the bus while driving. But it's a funny story: "The Banal Story of the Blue Banana", as told by our travel guide when someone asked why the bananas on the plantations we passed in the Jordan Valley were covered in blue plastic bags (for those of you who'd like to know: it's makes the fruit ripen more evenly and protects against pests... - not very exciting as the title already predicted).
I say that counts for the challenge!

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