LOAD 512 Day 8

Today was another Tough Topic Tuesday, and the prompt was to scrapbook someone else's story.
I decided to make a page about my grandfather, and how he told us shortly before his death last year that he'd had a near-death experience as a young man and how that helped him not to fear dying.
Though the subject was serious, the story itself was actually a bit funny: during his near-death experience, my grandfather felt himself surrounded by bunch of beautiful women - he was almost ticked off when he was revived since he didn't want to leave them! ;-)
Fortunately for us he did come back and lived for another 60+ years.

A journaling-heavy page this time, which is unusual for me. In order not to cover the background paper (from an old Club Scrap kit), I printed the title and journaling on a sheet of thin vellum. Two photos of my grandfather, one of him as a young soldier and one taken more recently.

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