LOAD 512 Day 6

Today's LOAD-challenge was to use a sketch provided by Lain. However, the catch was that you couldn't use it as-is, but had to change it around a bit.

I flipped it a couple of times to get the creative juices flowing...

Since I wasn't feeling too well tonight, I didn't want to bother with printing out photos etc, so I decided to stay in bed with my mini-notebook and try my hand at an all-digi page.
Some time ago I downloaded a bunch of freebies from the internet, which came in very handy now!
Here's the result of 2,5 hrs blood, sweat and tears:

It took that long to get it done because I created it entirely from scratch (i.e. without a ready-made template), and had to learn how to use drop shadows. (BTW, great video tutorial here)
All in all I'm quite pleased with the result!

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