PLOAW Week 15

Yes, I'm a bit behind with PLOAW - in fact, I feel like I'm pretty much behind with everything... *sigh*
Nonetheless, here's my page for the week 15 challenge, which was to use a quote in your title or journaling.
My title ("Where did it go wrong?") was more or less our catch phrase when my cousin and I visited London a few weeks ago. We didn't experience any major problems (thankfully), but a couple of things went differently than planned - thus eliciting the phrase "Where did it go wrong??" on more than one occassion...

The title almost became a self-fulfilling prophecy: my title letters did not stand out sufficiently and seemed to disappear on the background paper. I tried to adjust it by spraying the background with mist and wiping clean the letters (they're plastic, so the spray mist did not hold). Don't know if I'm entirely happy with it, but at least I'm not entirely unhappy with it ;-)

In other news: so far I'm keeping up with taking my daily pictures for Week in the Life. I'll probably work on the pages during next month's LOAD.

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