Week in the Life 2012

It should be obvious by now that I´m a big fan of Ali Edwards. So when she announced that she would be doing her annual Week in the Life project later this month, I was somewhat excited.

Somewhat excited, yes. I followed her example last year and that project is still unfinished... Sure, I took all the photos, made all the notes, adapted the templates, and selected and printed my choice of pictures, but as usual struggled with the final journaling. Let´s face it, doing this project is a lot of work. And since I´m somewhat lacking any creative mojo at the moment, a new time-consuming project is the last thing I need, especially since I still have a bunch of unfinished projects awaiting my attention.

And still... there´s this nagging in the back of my head. Because I did enjoy the time I spent on this last year. My colleagues at work really got into it too, snapping pictures left, right and center! Some of those everyday pictures I took then are my favorites ever, and I´ve used several on other projetcs since then as well.

So, as of yet, I´m undecided. Fortunately I still have a few nights to sleep on it :-)

Meanwhile, Designer Digitals were having an interesting sale this weekend: 30% off on all their templates and paper packs (and 20% off their latest releases). I figured I´d better be prepared if I´m contemplating doing Week in the Life, so I got some new templates:

useful addition for both Week in the Life and Project Life

nice format with many possibilities

will need some tweaking, but I like the format

Whether I decide to do Week in the Life this year or not, at least I´ll have a choice of resources at my disposal - that is always a good thing, right?

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