LOAD 212 Day 10 | December Daily Day 20

We're in the double digits! Woohoo!

Today's prompt was "favorite memory". I got me thinking about when my dad got a new car when I was about 13, and the 3 of us drove to Belgium to get ice cream, just for the heck of it ;-) Didn't have any pictures to go with that, though, so I'm also parking that idea for another time.

As usual, I opted to do a DD-spread. I struggled with the (lack of) photos for 19th December, so I skipped a day and did the 20th instead.

For the past few years, our department Christmas tree is not only decorated with the usual Christmas decorations, but also with gift tags. Each tag lists the age and gender of a child whose parents rely on the local Food Bank. The employees each pick at least one tag, and buy that child a gift. I usually buy 2 gifts, one for a boy and one for a girl.
This year, our 150 employees bought well over 170 presents!

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