Preparing for LOAD 212

Only 8 more days before LOAD 212 takes off!

This time, it will be more difficult for me to participate: I'll be on vacation for a week this February. Nonetheless, I want to try to do some scrapping while I'm on the road. I've done 2 LOADs last year, and the feeling of accomplishment you get when you see that stack of pages at the end of the month is amazing!

I'm usually a hybrid scrapper, but instead of bringing traditional scrapbooking supplies with me (which will take up a lot of room in my suitcase...), I'm thinking of going all-digi while on vacation. I have a little 10" notebook that I plan to bring, and I want to load a USD-stick with plenty of photos, templates and other digital elements. I haven't decided whether I'll redo my digi pages as hybrid pages once I get home, or just print them out as is. Might be fun to mix in some digi pages in my albums!

It does leave me with quite a to-do list for this LOAD:
- make page kits for my non-digi days.
- catch up on my photo printing.
- since the theme is 'Past Perfect', I may want to scan in/print some old photos and slides...
- stock up on the basics: adhesive, pens, neutral cardstock.
- stock up on photo paper and ink cartriges (in case I need emergency reprints, odd-sized prints and/or decide to print out my digi-pages).
- download a selection of digital templates (when is Designer Digitals' next quarterly sale?? Anyone??).
- install PSE9 or PSCS3 on my notebook. (whichever program cooperates...)
- find some digi tutorials, so I'll know how to do drop shadows and such...
- upload a range of digital elements and photos on my USB stick. (perhaps make digi page kits??)
- cross my fingers that I'll have WiFi at the hotels to upload my pages to LOAD's Flickr group...

So if you'll excuse me, I have a lot to get done...

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