PLOAW mini album

With LOAD 512 under my belt, I'm taking a bit of a crafting break - it's cost me a lot of energy, so I need some time to regroup...
This means that I'm a bit behind on my PLOAW pages. To make up for it, I borrowed an idea from my scrapbook friend and fellow PLOAW-ster A., who's collected all the challenges so far in an art journal.

Instead of only journaling about the challenges, I wanted to include the final result as well. Since I scan in all my pages anyway, it was quite easy to print them out to include in my mini-album.

I used a small A6-size Hema slip-in photo-album, printed out the challenges on craft cardstock and added the printed LO on the other side of the page. I used some Thickers letter stickers on the spine and ta dá,  there you go: a cute little PLOAW mini album!  

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