Busy Bee

Christmas is upon us and so I've been busy with lots of stuff - just haven't been able to post!

- I made my own photo Christmas cards this year.
- decorated the tree - of course.
- started my Zpagetti crocheted throw.
- started on crocheted fingerless gloves.
- worked on my December Daily (bit behind on posting that as well).
- worked on Project Life.
- did some baking for work and get-togethers.
- and every once in a while I also need to go to WORK, go grocery and/or Christmas shopping, visit family & friends, keep up with laundry & other chores etc etc...

In short: updates to come soon!

1 comment:

  1. Jij bent lekker bezig geweest, ik kijk uit naar je foto's van je DEC Daily. Ik heb met koorts op bed gelegen helaas..... :-)
    groetjes, Alex